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It's Tough
8:01 p.m. :: 2007-03-19

It's tough to add entries when you're trying to blog in secret and your boyf is living with you.... (I'm sat here with my music off so I can hear if he's finished his Pro Evo 6 match!)

Living with him is cool (for now :op ).We are doing are own thing a lot, he likes video games, I like Lost, music, internet etc... But I feel like we don't make our time together special now we see each other everyday. Anyone else have that? Maybe it's normal. At the same time I love to be alone, but I don't feel totally alone when he's here. I am extremely fucking anal about spending time alone. Even as a teen I would sit alone in my room, reading, singing into my hairbrush, dancing, trying out crazy makeup. I'm now in my mid twenties and things haven't changed! I'm certifiably weird!!

Sex is a no go right now which doesn't help. I have a beautifully invasive yeast infection which is making me want to masturbate my frustrations away but I can't. I have company!

I hung out with Jeremy from Shiny Toy Guns on Thursday. They were all very nice, Jeremy let us drink his vodka. Buy their CD!!

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