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A little less conversation...
11:30 a.m. :: 2007-02-24

I don't need alcohol to have a good time right? I'm cool... I have a great sense of humour and an all round fun personality.... right? Apparently not! My need for a little booze to relax me and get me in the party mood is quite big, bigger than I expected! I went out yesterday straight after work (4pm) and managed until exactly 10.30pm on mainly Red Bull and water but I was completely flaked out and disinterested in everyone around me. The more drunk they became the more I realised how self important everyone is when they're pissed (I do hold my hands up and place myself in that category too). It's not an attractive trait and it makes it really difficult to have a decent conversation - The most difficult being with Nikki the Lesbian™ who kept repeatedly telling me that the sight of cock made her want to vomit. If the conversation had been equal and I told her what I do to cock on a regular basis I fear my new purple boots would have been bin fodder. Then there is conversation with the lovelorn, they just want to talk about the pain and sorrow they experience from their unrequited love. I still want to talk about what I like doing with cock.

I managed to come out of this experience generally unscathed (and luckily so did my new boots) but tonight it's Round 2: Nikki the Lesbian's™ birthday. It's a hat party. I have a cool hat (and braces!) but I'm only on day 3 of my Trimethoprim treatment so alcohol is still off the menu. I can't beat em and I can't join em either!

I did try a bottle of Sol last night and it could have ended quite badly had I not drank so much Red Bull and been so alert. Shakes, slightly dizzy, delicate stomach. Not recommended.

Wish me luck for tonight. Have a picture by the way... it's of Barcelona again.

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