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The First
10:50 p.m. :: 2007-02-07

I've been here before, but not for a long time. Throughout my first year at uni and some of my second I was a regular blogger but unforeseen circumstances drew me away.

And now I'm back. First time around I gave no introduction, and I'm not going to do much more now but I think a bit of background is always helpful.

I'm 24, I live by the sea in the UK. I have a wonderful boyfriend but a lot of the time I forget just how wonderful he is. The long distance thing is a major factor - when you don't see someone for 2 weeks at a time but there's a whole lot more going on around you it's easy for your eyes to wander. But I behave, physically at least. My mind goes crazy, going to all the places my rational self won't allow me to.

Since I've been away from here I think it's safe to say I've grown up a whole lot, emotionally and sexually. I finally know what it means to love and to be loved but the distance makes me ache for a 'connection' with another human (him or another) regardless of the love I feel for him.

I'm reluctant to give names at this point as the reason my previous blog was 'shut down' was due to people I know catching on to what I was doing and reading things they didn't really want to

One thing I haven't quite managed to pin point is feeling good about me. I'm struggling, along as many girls/women do, trying to find my best self. Currently I'm trying to better myself physically. In the eyes of most people mine is a hard and pointless slog (I'm quite aware that I'm not as fat as I could be) but i have a very distorted self image. Enough said.

Yes, I think that's enough of the miserable negative crap for now, Let me think of some awesome factoids about little me:
I like monkeys
I love to scoop peanut butter from a jar (toast is for losers!)
Music is my passion. Unless the music is Oasis, Or the Manics.
I own a pair of original 80s/90s high top trainers. Saved By The Bell style!
It's all about Rioja.
I love to smoke (all the Yanks shake their heads at the Limey!).
I love nothing more than to roll in at 7am spangled out of my brain
All religions and the philosophy surrounding them astound me. My head can't decide which, if any, to choose.

That's all for now. I signed up for Gold so I shall make a banner and tempt you into my tiny corner of the net.

tto xxx

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